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Hello everyone.I am making my own replica of Nathan Drake journal,I am a huge fan of naughty dog but I need an advice.I have bought a Sir Francis draDr journal and started making a Drake journal in this.so far I didn't know what journal drakr had(cover).Is this will be worth it when I make uncharted 4 journal in sir Francis Drake journal?


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Welcome to the forum.
There are threads for all 4 of the Uncharted journals in the paper prop section of the forum.

For the journal you will want something like a moleskin type of book without any lines,
Preferably with ivory / off white pages.
Sadly Moleskin switched over to thinner paper so you may want to look around for something suitable.

The U4 journal has a dark brown cover, but what ever you get can easily be painted with some acrylic paint.
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