Uncharted 3 Collector's Edition - Nathan Drake's ring and belt buckle

Bizarro Lois

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My husband just brought home the collector's edition of the latest Uncharted game. It comes with a replica of Nathan Drake's ring and belt buckle. In case anyone was curious about these items, I took some pictures. I did the best I could to capture the details, but had to lighten the photos because they came out very dark.



I can't swear to it but my guess is something like zinc. It's fairly light, could POSSIBLY aluminum but Zinc is my guess.
Also received the ring along with the "Explorer Edition" of the game.

It is extremely lightweight. My impression is that zinc alloy should be heavier, which would point to alluminium - but that seems unlikely (to expensive/complex for such a piece). Maybe 3D-printed?

The quality is however pretty ok - however the strap seems to be crap (in my opinion its not leather but some kind of cloth).

Replaced it immediately and now I am happy...

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