Umi the Snow Mandalorian (Photo intensive)


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This costume has made the rounds on some star wars costuming forums, but I regret never sharing it here since it's completion in 2009. To keep it short and sweet, it's a custom mandalorian that I initially built in about a weeks time after months of creative inner-monologuing and conceptual sketches. All components aside from the helmet were scratch made. The helmet itself is a modified Rubies Jango one piece. She's been to Dragon*Con, Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration and lots of stuff in between.



















Photos from various events.
Well thanks for sharing it here! Looks great!

How many takes did you need to get that action mid-air shot? :) Reminds me of the time I spent a whole morning doing stunts in the snow, and getting frostbite, with my mates making a James Bond Spoof only to find out that they forgot to put the tape in the camera, lol.
Love this! Amazing photo shoot you had with it too! Some amazing photos there. Also I love how feminine the costume reads and yet it still retains that level of being bad ass. Really well done!
That looks really, really great (was that posted on TDH? Some of the pics ring a bell) I'm nuts about anything snow related, and I love the armor and cloth look, so the hood over helmet, the kama, it all just comes together beautifully. The weathering offsets the pure white enough to lend interest, and it's just chock full of great details. Nice job, and amazing photos as well!
I like it! Your armor is weathered very well...have you considered maybe adding more weathering to your cloth parts?
I remember seeing this on the Mandalorian Mercs forum. This is by far my favorite custom mando EVER. It should be in a movie. I really love the paint work on the helmet, armor, and gauntlets. Hope to see this in person one day.
Awesome costume. I really like the subtle off-white color contrast to the white color. Great photos and great location shoot, it really locks in your snow theme.
Thank you guys!

Badmonkey: I jumped off of that darn rock about 6 times into rib-deep snow to get that shot. Needless to say there were bloopers:


Yes, this costume has been posted on the Mando Mercs and Dented Helmet :)

I will also be revamping her and donning the costume again at Star Wars Celebration 6.

Also, GINO: very funny!
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