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Alright who wants one! I know I do! Gauging interests in this Ultron helmet Me and rpf user EmilioSantos are creating. We will be calling ourselves Creative Conceptz here shortly. It is pretty close to screen accurate, the most accurate that I've seen so far available. It is modeled on top of a 23-24'' head and should fit both. The helmet will be ready for printing within days and then on to the clean-up/ molding process if there is enough interest built up.

As of now we are unsure if we will be selling a finished version (lights, paint, etc..) We will be selling raw casts, which we are thinking resin for this piece.

We're looking to get at least 10 people interested to start molding, we may be taking deposits during the molding process.
The helmet should fit a 23-24'' The back of the helmet will be attachable with magnets and the side "ear" pieces will be detachable as well.

Not accepting deposits until the print is done and ready for molding.

Helmet Pricing: We are looking at around $250 for a raw pull of the ultron helmet.

Shipping: $15 inside the US, outside the US shipping will be calculated.



Interested List:
4.) Nav123
5.) CaptainSuperman
6.) Gundanium
7.) Mizuno
8.) Sterling516
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Bump, I really thought there would be more interested in this helmet? You guys need to see a 3d print? One is on the way

Come on, let's get this awesome helmet rollin!! Who wants one


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Not yet, graphics card I believe just went out in the computer - getting a new one, so I can get up and running again. Hopefully that is the turning on, but no display or signal to the monitor...

The schedule was to have it printing by Monday...we may or may not make that deadline, depending on if the graphics card is the issue or not. If push comes to shove we will get it printed through shapeways!!!