Ultrasabers: Good/Reliable or Bad/Overpriced?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by GreenCircleCube, Apr 30, 2015.

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    Hey guys,

    So I've heard many opinions on Ultrasabers.

    Some say Ultrasabers makes good products that can be used on display or in play. And other say that Ultrasabers sabers don't work after the warranty is up and that it is way overpriced with no accuracy with the lightsabers with the film.

    So what do you think? Are they worth the cost? Or are they a waste of time?
    And if I were just to buy saber hilt parts from them, are they still overpriced in your opinion?
  2. JJ Griffin

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    Well, I certainly don't believe they are overpriced, from what I understand they are cheaper than most other custom sabers out there. That said, I also don't consider them super-reliable as I've heard a lot of horror stories of their short lifespan. I feel like they are a perfectly fine choice for the price if you are okay with the fact that they might fail after 2-3 years and need to be replaced; I feel this is reflected in the lower relative cost, especially considering that even the most expensive saber can malfunction or burn out as a fluke.

    Personally, if it was between purchasing a saber from them or Saberforge, I would go with Ultrasabers every time. Which has nothing to do with the quality of SF's work, mind you.
  3. RexKramer

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    Here's my $0.02...

    They are the cheapest custom saber option that gives you LED, sound and blade in one package.

    Their hilts aren't screen accurate by any stretch, but they are pretty solid. And fully MHS compatible.

    Their electronics work is their biggest flaw.

    Awful electronics. Switches that are glued in. Wires literally taped together. Wires that have too much slack bunched together.

    Don't get me wrong it's a solid looking/feeling saber on the outside, but the internal set up is not the best and very hit or miss.
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  4. vaderjeff1744

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    I have to agree. For the price, you can't beat them for what you're getting. I personally have several Ultra Sabers that I've had for 4+ years, & still no trouble. That being said, I have heard from others that they've had issues with the electronics not being that great, in terms of how everything is wired. Switches hot glued in, & black electrical tape used on the wiring, too much or not enough slack on some wire connections, etc. But, considering that you'll get your saber in a matter of days, instead of months or more from other makers, I personally have been satisfied with what I have from them. Their rep. in the saber community isn't the best, depending on who you talk to, but my own personal experience has been a good one. I like the fact that their stuff is MHS compatible too, allowing you to make endless combinations of different looking hilts. Some of their emitters & pommels are really nice. Don't know if that helps you out in your decision making process or not, but it's my 2 cents none the less.:)
  5. RexKramer

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    I will say, that with a little customization, you can have some nice looking sabers:





    These were mine that I just recently sold off on ebay.

    But yes, that is Ultrasabers in a nut shell:

    Competitive price for an all-in-1 package - sound, LED and blade.
    Quick shipping.
    Wide selection of MHS sabers.
    Wide selection of blade LED colors. (they have 3 different blues, an ANH blue, ESB blue and a prequel trilogy blue)
    Aluminum hilts.
    A lot of designs are based off of the prequels, original trilogy and the expanded universe. Including the first affordable Kylo style, next to Makoto but do those even exist? lol

    Electronics. Hit or miss. Usually a miss.
    Overall messy inside. Looks like a rushed job. At least my 2 were.
    Over use of electrical tape and adhesive strips to hold the soundboards in place. Adhesive strips will eventually wear down.
    Hilts are not screen accurate.
    Dimensions are really off on some sabers. A lot of them feel...too long.
    Some are priced a little too high in my opinion. (their 'Graflex' and 'Chosen One' sabers should not be $340 plus shipping)
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  6. Vox


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    Rex Kramer summed it up nicely.

    The 1 saber I purchased from them was a random grab bag. While it is fairly generic, it also leaves plenty of room for customization if one were so inclined. I'll say this: it is built to take a beating. Definitely a good stunt/practice saber for combat. That being said, I bought it as a test of the product, and decided that I actually want a slimmer hilt. (Thus, my "tricked out" purchase will be coming from Vader's Vault.)

    I am glad I purchased the grab bag because I ended up with a durable practice/auxiliary hilt, and I would have been disappointed if I had spent my entire budget for the ticked out saber on one of their hilts. If you are worried about the innards, I'd say most people have given you your answer: definitely not the best. If you are worried about hilt design/feel, I suggest purchasing their grab bag just so you can see for yourself without setting yourself back too much.
  7. cayman shen

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    So these parts ARE compatible with the custom saber shops modular hilt system?
  8. RexKramer

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    Ultrasabers are MHS compatible, yes.
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    Run like the wind and don't look back!
  10. cayman shen

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    Well that's just awesome. Thanks.

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