UltraCal 30 Sources


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I know Monstermakers has this stuff but Id rather not spend $25 to ship the stuff, does anyone know where someone could find UltraCal30 or an equivilant locally? Home Depot or Menards carry anything like this? In in Wisconsin if that helps at all...

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Well did you try a special order at the Home Depot. BTW for the other board members if you are in the New England area in Boston the Waldo Brothers does stock it in 30 pound bags just call to make sure.. It was very cheap around 20 bucks for a 30 pound bag but check i'm quoting from at least 5 years back.

Waldo Brothers Co
202 Southampton St
Boston, MA 02118-2789
(617) 445-3000


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I get mine locally at one of those lawn scupture stores. You know, where you can buy plaster geese, and gnomes, and nice stuff like that for your yard. Maybe you have a place like that in your area.


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Try Gypsumsolutions.com.

They distribute US Gypsum products nationwide and online.
Several companies in Wisconsin that sell Ultracal on the "Find a distributor" page for Wisconsin.

Hope that helps.


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yeah i saw that on that site, alot better deal. Im just gonna need some soon for my Dr Doom sculpt and last time i ordered from MM, it got returned from UPS because the bag was leaking and they didnt care to inform me why it took 4 weeks to get it to me. And i dont want to have to make a $35 order :p