Ultimate train set

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by BrundelFly, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. BrundelFly

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  2. Maelstrom

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    Isn't this the one that has some "amorous" folks hidden in the bushes in one part of it?

    Talk about HO scale...:)
  3. Junk Pilot

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    I think it is. I saw a few non-family orientated scenes in the clip.
  4. scottinthebooth

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    They also now have a fully functioning scale airport... There's a build log on YouTube (close to 30 episodes I think, all 10 - 15 minutes) following the progress, pitfalls, milestones and finally the grand opening. Only downside is its in German. It does have subtitles though.

  5. jedimaster

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    Wow...... Just wow!
  6. joez2391

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    that is insane, the details are incredible everything looks so lifelike. Im really impressed with the airport, its so cool how the planes actually take off and land. really neat.
  7. blakeh1

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    Yeah that is awesome. Model Railroader had an article a couple years ago on it. They showed how they set up the cars to appear to be moving on their own by using magnets. At that time I don't think they had the airport built.

    ZYZYGY New Member

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    Attention to detail is stunning, feel a German trip coming on, I love it
  9. Drewid

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    If I ever make it to Germany, I'm adding that to the list of things to see. Wow!
  10. zorg

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    fantastic, can't even imagine how many man hours went into that.

    i like the ufo, nice touch.

  11. msmuse101

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    That's INSANE! I would hate to be the person who has to dust that thing, yeesh!
  12. stevieboy1

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    thats so cool i used to have a model railway but its nothing compaired to that! oh wouldnt you just love to spend a day playing with that! hehe

  13. Scott Graham

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    In the comments section under the video, it sounds like they have that covered: "There is a chained giant beneath all of this who gets out once a day and blows all over it, He is paid in klondike bars." :)

  14. crabra comander

    crabra comander Sr Member

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    Nice, HO scale is the best right? :confused
  15. Mauiman

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    Perhaps we as a community here should do something like that.

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