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Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by Act4life, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Act4life

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    So I am finally beginning to making my Ultimate "comic" Spider-man pattern

    Orhadar pattern.jpg
    I will be using orhadar's pattern

    I will be having the suit printed from Fabric on Demand

    and sewn by a local seamstress (<-----is that what a male is called)
    but i need some help deciding which faceshell to use

    i want to keep this suit comic book style with the lenses so here are my choices

    spider-man faceshell.jpg
    this new "Ultimate" style from The Rpc Studio


    spider-man faceshell #2.jpg
    This "Comic" book style from a place Called OraclemadeUK

    Which do you think would go best with this suit?
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  2. IndridColdx

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    I'm not a fan of the little edge that the RPC one has
    I have a lens set from Oracle and I recommend it, it's pretty cool. Visibility is a bit off.
    However I've never had either of those faceshells
  3. Act4life

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    Yeah the lenses from RPC is just bigger versions of the ASM2 lenses just thought it would look cool on the comic style suit i thought it would look like the one next to the miles morales suit in thin picture comic_ASM_threads.jpg
  4. George

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    If I really​ had to choose,I would say I like the first one better:popcorn
  5. Bandit

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    Go with the Oracle shell. I'm getting the same one here soon.
  6. brianhide

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    Hey, just wondering if you received the Oracle shell yet? I'd love to see some more pics of it and especially hear your opinion of it. Did you get the DIY or complete?
  7. Act4life

    Act4life New Member

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    I went with the already complete option because the last DIY faceshell I "tried "to put together didn't go so well so I figured I'll leave it to the pro's so it is setup properly

    I will post pictures of the face shell when it arrives
  8. Act4life

    Act4life New Member

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    Suit has arrived

    (YKK conceals Highly recommend)
    overall the blue is a little darker than i would like but doesn't look to bad when i actually have the suit on
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