Ultimate Sonic Screwdriver Building Set


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Ultimate Sonic Screwdriver Building Set

Combine the sections from each of the three Sonic Screwdrivers in different ways to create your own version. With over 80 possible combinations each with light and multiple sound effects this really is the ultimate sonic screwdriver set. Requires 3x L1154 Batteries.

Goes on Sale July 15th.

(Get your pre-orders in now!)

Doctor Who: Build Ultimate Sonic Screwdriver Set @ Forbidden Planet

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I know it's not a sonic screwdriver, but this set would be even cooler if they had put in the parts for the Master's Laser Screwdriver.

Also is anyone else having a problem getting to forbidden planet's site. I haven't had problems till trying to get there after seeing this post. Hmmm, maybe there dns is overloaded
I imagine the "three sonic screwdrivers" would mean the Baker style, the Tennant style and the Smith style. But... those don't really look like parts from Tennant and Baker. They kind of resemble pieces here and there but still.
Are we possibly seeing some new Sonic designs here?
Hmmm... I'm not sure how I feel about this... No Eccleston/Tennant parts- and no Baker parts? The new parts look alittle tacky. I'm guessing the Smith Style sonic is static too... hmmm...
It is a shame they opted not to include parts from the other screen-used models. That was going to be my main reason for buying it... I wonder why.

That said, I do love the designs for the two new models. I can't help but think the emitter head from the bottom one may be a deliberate homage to the object kids around the world use as a stand-in: the good ol' tire gauge!
perhaps the parts included are from rejected designs for matt's sonic. If it is anything like the lightsaber construction, it should be a neat piece, though i was not happy about the number of emitter shrouds and other pieces included. but when they say 80 different combinations, I think what we are gonna get are all the pieces shown in that image. :( still want to get it, just so people can ask: Who's Sonic Screwdriver is that?, I did't see that on the show???? :lol
I think the head of the bottom one is an attempt to include the old halo and bullet in the modern 9/10 sonic style. If you guys remember the original intend for the 9 was that the head could tilt 90 degrees as well as extend. They never achieved that in the build that was used on screen.
Just came to post about the Nano Recorder. Now that actually looks like a good prop.

Apparently (according to someone on GallifreyBase) the other 2 screwdriver modes in this set will be relevant come the 2nd half of the season. What's the betting they'll release a new set of 4 parts (or a new screwdriver) every other month?

I doubt I'll get it but I'll probably get the Nano Recorder as I thought it would be cool to own, the moment I saw it on screen.
The two other sonics were designed by one of the Design Works Windsor chaps- Andrew Teal, the same chap that sculpts a lot of the figures, and, as far as I know, won't be making an appearance in the show, they were designed specifically to break in the right places to mix'n'match.

There were originally a couple of other designs, but the ones that got used were the 'steampunk' one and the 'aqua' one, can't remember what the others were, though...
The bottom sonic looks like a nice design but the other new one is too similar to the 11th.
So these won't be appearing in the show? Shame they went with these designs and not on-screen ones then. Woulda been fun to mix'n'match if they were using 3rd/4th sonics, or River's, or the Masters laser one.
They say over 80 combinations, but exactly how many are there?

if you consider making one combination, then you could look at it this way...

the top part is one of a choice of three or 3 choose 1 (3!1)

the rest of the four parts are the same.

the formula for n choose r is

n! / (n-r)!

so...for one part the permutations are

3! / (3-1)! = 6 / 2 = 3 (not very suprising)

so to make one flashlight there are

3 * 3 * 3 * 3 = 81 combinations.

I received my set and there is only one power source part per kit, so you can only have one functioning screwdriver per kit, thus you would have to buy 81 sets to build them all.
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I received my kits today (I ordered more than one), and it's pretty good. There is only one power source part that fits inside/in between the two middle parts per kit, thus you can only have one functioning screwdriver per kit - glad I bought more than one.

The light on the power source is white, so it gets colored by whatever top you put on.

The sound is the same for all the sonics. When you just press the button once, it toggles between two sounds. Like the eleventh doctors screwdriver I have found more sounds by pressing the button twice and holding, 3 times holding, 4 time holding, 5 times holding, and 6 times holding to get different sounds.
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