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    Old lady living next door to my parents died and her 94 robins egg blue Buick Century sat in the driveway collecting spider webs, leaves and hornets. The layers of dirt and wax created a protective coating on the finish and it cleaned up beautifully. It has extremely low miles but all the rubber parts are aged; hoses, belts, gaskets, battery, tires. It also smells like old lady.

    I am trying to decide if I want to spend money for a very easy restoration or treat it like the beater that it is and have some fun with it.

    An IMCDb search found 19 pages of Buick Century's in movies and TV. It is the ultimate non-nondescript background car. Other than Jim Rockford, no main character drives a Buick Century.
    IMCDb.org: Buick Century in movies and TV series

    I am requesting to tap the collective creativity of the forum should I decide to "Prop my ride" and run it into the ground vs restore it as a third car for the kids.
    Note: It's fast. V-6 in a relatively small frame by GM standards.

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    Too bad my car is a '97 Grand Am or we could have done the scene from "Torque":


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    My car is just a regular 1996 Jeep Cherokee, and its screen used (even if it was a fan film).

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