Ultimate Captain America


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Hi Guys

I'm new to all this but really wanted to have a go at making the Captain America Shield and Helmet from the Movie. Its all done with car spray paints and a steady hand (shield was drawn and shaped without a ruler) What do people thinK?

The Helmet is an Austrian copy of the M1 US helmet and the shield is ply wood sheets cut and stuck together for strength.
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It looks good but not exactly screen accurate. The helmet needs to have the 'cork' texture, not the smooth and the A is way too big. The shield has it's own issues as well.
Please keep in mind I'm strictly basing this on the movie. Now if your going by what we see in the comic it actually looks spot on.


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Yeah I didn't have much to work on really, trying to get the exact colours for the helmet and shield over here in the UK is pretty tough and I was doing it on a tight budget :)

And for a first attempt hahahaha
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