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    Anyone in the UK found a decent facsimile/supplier of the material used in the kirk's uniform from Wrath of Khan? US references keep taling about wool gaberdine, but locally I can only find polyester. I may get some for a trial run but would like to be a lot more authentic for the final version.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Still no one achieved this Holy Grail?
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    This might be a long shot but it might be worth it as an avenue of investigation.

    My school blazer years ago was made from maroon wool gaberdine. They later went to the man made fabric. But it's a possible source. School uniform manufacturers.
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    Look for 'Wool Elastique' which is basically 98% wool, 2% elastic with a high grain. 'wool Gaberdine' is basically the same thing, only it is usually a mixture of wool, cotton and synthetics, so not as thick or nice an the grain is typically diag as opposed to vert. Be warned, that this is NOT a cheap material -- typically about $80 yard (USD) or more. Finding the right color too is difficult, so you may consider white and dye it yourself.

    You can also use 'calvary twill' which is similar to wool elastique, but more synthetic... it will not tailor as well as wool, and will usually me much hotter...

    I'd be happy to answer any questions I can....


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