UK supplier of cold foam/PU soft foam?

Belfast Neil

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Hi all, I want to make the feet for my suit the same way Vinman did by carving a lump of semi-rigid foam but I cannot find anywehere in the UK that will supply it. Has anyone this side of the pond ever bought here and could they throw me up a link? There are any amount of places selling sheet foam but not the pouring or spray kind.



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I looked at Vinmans AVP thread and it looks as though he's used expanding foam called Great Stuff.
A check on the web came up with this and a host of others. Might be of use. I would think that any expanding foam used to fill gaps in masonary etc. at the likes of B&Q would do the same job, but don't quote me on that.

Real Stuff Foam


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You can get both soft and hard foams on ebay in liquid form
not tried this seller
tomps had loads from him

Sets up pretty quick, this is a solid foam though, you can get soft or medium as well

Belfast Neil

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Thanks guys, I had seen some of the stuff there but they all appear to be rigid foams. I'll maybe have to get on the blower and see what they suggest.