Uk prop party competition closing date october 31st

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    Hi Every one

    At last years Prop Party we raised roughly £400 in a very short space of time raffling off Prop items kindly donated by members here, The money was donated to the Prostate Cancer Research programme at the request of Kevin Bulmer's family
    Sadly Kevin Passed away last year very suddenly much to the shock of many of us here.
    In light of this news we would like again to raise as much money as we possibly can for either the same charity or a charity chosen by RPF members.

    This time how ever i plan to give something back to lucky RPF members.
    more about that in time.

    So the compettion details, I want you to make a model of a Space ship, it can be the enterprise, an X-wing basically any famous Movie Space ship.

    The model doesnt have to be screen accurate, or be one of those really expensive models you can buy, it can be as cheap as you like perhaps one of those snap together type Models.
    Your model Spaceship will then be sent to me by october 31st 2012 and will be put on display during the RPF UK Prop Party at the end of the weekend our special Judges will announce 3 winners

    The main winner will get something special - TBA (ITS GOOD I PROMISE)
    2 further winners will recieve 2 signed pictures with a special winners message.

    The reason i dont want you to go overboard on expensive screen accurate models is for 2 reasons

    1/ If you are from out side the UK and wish to participate, getting the models back to you will be a nightmare and defeat the whole raising money issue

    2/ My plan is to auction off the Models to the general Public to raise the charity funds at the end of the Prop Party

    here are the Competition rules

    If participating the Model must be from a well known Movie When sending the model Please supply

    The name of your Model, and Movie it is from
    Your Name and RPF user name too.
    The model must be approximately between the sizes of 6"x6" upto 10"x10"

    OK sounds easy doesn't it :)

    Well not quite - The reason you dont have to worry about the accuracy or value of the Model is because its not how well you can build it but how good you can paint it.

    Your Model must come with a custom paint job :cool

    Before you view the picture below, it is no way meant to offend anyone i am purely using the image as a refference and example

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