UK foam & plastic supplies?


I'm sure this is one of those questions... sorry! I've looked but haven't found much in the way of info, here, on the 405th or on TDH.

So, UK foam/pep building peeps - where the heck do you get your EVA? I can find no shortage of 12mm mats on evilBay and the like, but I'm really in need of 4-6mm foam for my current project. And what about epoxy for reinforcing the stress-bearing pieces?

Help please?

While I'm on, does anyone have a good lead on vac-forming plastic? The best I've found so far is Trylon, but I don't have very much to compare them with.
Thanks James! :) (I admit, after watching your YT videos I was hoping you might see this...)

So you're using 'regular' LD45 Plastazote? I've mostly seen that used as the standard base for LARP weapons post-Karrimat, but have read some folks disparaging it versus EVA on here. Have you had any trouble with it? Given that it appears to be considerably cheaper, at least with the supplier you've listed, I'm certainly happy to go with it if not...
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