UFO SHADO Mobile Concept


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Hi, new here and thought I would post a few pics of an advanced Mobile concept for SHADO from the Gerry Anderson show UFO. I entered this in a competition at the eagletransporter.com forum. The theme was to scratchbuild a new vehicle that would fit into a Gerry Anderson show.

I chose UFO and designed a vehicle that would offer a greater degree of attack capabilities than the original and gorgeous SHADO Mobile.

BTW, the rear left hand hatch was held on with blue tac as I had no decided if the hatch should be open or closed, so it looks a bit out of line.
Build was sheet plastic, balsa, tubing from a car dog barrier, a bit of kit bashing and the chassis from a RC vehicle. Took two months to design and build over evenings and weekends. First scratchbuild so was pleased with it.
Cheers INCOM. I must admit it turned out way better than I thought it would. 3 kids give you lots of patience :lol

Loved the sign too so had to use it. I always like it when the studio modellers put humourous or personal references into the models like the tiny Star Wars and Nude woman posters in the cockpit of the Star Wars Blockade Runner and the little R2D2 on the underside of the Mothership in Close Encounters.
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