UD Replicas' David Pea Interview at Comic Con 2011

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If you have been here more than a skinny minute, you know David Pea (DAVIDYR1). David is a long time RPF member who started off making stunning one-off costume pieces but found his true calling in the world of licensed leather motorcycle suits that are carefully crafted to not only protect a rider, but to look like the costumes in some of the hottest movies from the past few years!

As we have said before, there is nothing we love more than to see a person take their talent and passion for this hobby and turn it into a viable way to make a living. David has done just that and is truly living the dream!

Despite his amazing success and growth his has remained humble, sincere and very passionate about what he does and his love for and support of the RPF has never wavered.

Star Wars Chick had the opportunity to get an in-depth interview with David at Comic Con 2011 where he was showing off a number of new pieces in his ever-expanding collection including stormtroopers (yes, in leather), Captain America and Rinzer from Tron.

Here is Part One of our Two Part Interview:

Comic Con 2011: Interview with UD Replica's David Pea

PLEASE be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we have many more interviews and videos to post and we don't want you to miss a thing!

Big thanks to David for taking the time to talk with us and to share his passion for our hobby.

Check out David's site for the most unique motorcycle costumes and leatherwear you are ever going to see!

UD Replicas

Star Wars Chick

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Please check this video out. David has done some amazing work on his suits and they are simply beautiful! Thank you to David for allowing me to interview him!


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Awesome! Guys thanks so much. SWC it was a true pleasure and I meant every word I said about the RPF and its members. The interview was a lot of fun, and what no one knows is that it was early in the morning before the convention opened to the public...so I consider Starbucks Coffee to be our unofficial sponsor for keeping me alert, while SWC kept me on my toes.:lol

Thanks again for the opportunity.
Looking forward to Part II.


Star Wars Chick

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David, you are so welcome! Part II is done and has been delivered to the powers that be and I "think" is going live Monday. So stay tuned. And it was a sincere pleasure to interview you, you made me very comfortable and relaxed. And I second the Starbucks comment!


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Awesome! Wow, we covered a-lot of stuff in this one. :thumbsup
Thanks again for the interview SWC! You guys rock!!

David your such a ham!!!...

The new stuff is looking cherry bro.

Sorry bud, but it would seem that YOU'RE the ham :lol....but I do appreciate the kind words just the same. :lol:lol:lol
Met with some awesome folks from the Lair at The Fan Expo last week...and there was a great Pred suit representing!

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