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Hey folks...

I've been looking at the UD Replica Tron Legacy Motocycle combo and i was wondering if anyone out there has been able to modify it to incorporate EL Wire instead of the reflective tape??

I'm also interested to know if a modified Disc can be held on the back somehow??

I'm seriously looking into this as my next costume once i finish the Ghostbuter. Any advide/pics would be greatly appreciated.

I ordered the jacket and am suppose to be getting it in the next week or two. ( ordered back in May! ) I sincerely doubt that I would try poking holes in my jacket, but when I di get it I'll take some good reference pics and description of materials and put it in this thread.
I feel like I've been waiting forever for this jacket! Haha I know it's a quality product and will be worth it in the end.
Oh and just so you know, the jacket lists for $499. But after taxes and customs to ship from Canada to US it was $604. I can imagine the whole suit being close to $1200 if not more.
Here are the detail pics:











The jacket is VERY stiff and the leather used is super thick. The reflective strips aren't so much as built into the jacket as they are just sewn on top of the leather that has indented mold areas for the strips, which could be a good thing if anyone everwanted to remove them requiring a lot of stitch cutting/removal. The inner liner is a mesh material. It does come with a removable quilted liner vest that zips on and off the interior of the jacket. (not pictured)

I'm sure if someone wanted to they could remove the reflective areas and use them as a template for making lighted strips. I don't advise it but I'm sure it could be done.
I thought I saw where UDR was creating a jacked with the Disc Holder incorprated into the jacket?

As far as I know they have not been working on such a jacket. They are now selling the Rinzler/Tron Motorcycle jacket and had a prototype of a "lighted" Sam Flynn Jacket only.

I have followed the Parker Bros. Tron lightcycle since they first released info on it earlier this year.
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