UC Prince Of Persia Dagger (Lots of large pics)


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Got this a day or two ago. Not the very best of films, but my family enjoyed it while on a Disney Cruise last year, and hence it has a positive association.

Overall pleased with the prop. The brass hilt and blade are standard, high UC quality.


The cracked crystal "glass" is cheap plastic with awful seams.

The "brass" bands encircling the "glass" are also plastic.

The sand vessel has a white cylindrical core that I'm not sure existed on the original prop.

The ruby pommel is completely fixed in place.






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I really want to get one of those, but even the budk price is a bit high for me. The movie was pretty awful, but I loved the art design and the games.
Nice photos.

The core in the handle is on the movie prop. In the movie when they fill the dagger with the sand, the sand goes into the core. I don't know why the replica has it outside the core though, they may have changed it so the core can house the tang.

I really want to get one of these, they look really cool
Just got a chance to see the pics off the iphone, was surprised to see UC branded the thing in two places. I'd probably polish up the blade a bit. I just watched the movie tonight after beating the last game again and had trouble finishing it because of all the bad dialogue. I do love the dagger, though. If the core of the handle is removable you might be able to chip some quartz down into the right shape and insert it. I'd also replace the sand with something a bit finer grain.
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