U.S.S. Curry (DS9)


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Hello, all...

I got bored, and started working on my own reproduction of the DS9 Dominion War kitbash, the U.S.S. Curry. It will be as faithful to the colors on the original model as possible, with the exception of the warp nacelle grilles... on the filming model, they were a yellow-green, which could be chroma keyed in post-production, to give the effect of illumination. Mine will have the standard flat black grilles. I'm trying to make this build as clean as possible, so we'll see, lol.






More to come, I guess.


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Wee bit of progress I did before bed last night. I wanted to get this detail out of the way... I basically used my sprue cutter to make the initial nip in the plastic, and then used a combination of scraping with my xacto, and filing away with an emery board, to remove the excess plastic, and create the new shape.






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As ugly and dumb as these DS9 kitbashed ships are, I can't help but love them, so I'm happy you've taken on the task of replicating one of these Frankenstein monsters! :D


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I hope you haven't stopped posting on this build. You have a great start on it. I have all the parts I need to build my own ship but I will not "hijack your thread". I really want to see how you finish your build.

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