Two-Face (a quick build)


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My most recent costume is Two-Face. (I’ve also added my Jawa and Molecule Man costumes recently.)

This was a super-quick costume, I only had a couple days. I was originally inspired by the version of Two-Face that is currently appearing in All-Star Batman. That version has a red suit coat and vest that are the same color on both sides, they’re not split right/left like usual. I really like Romita’s drawings of it. But, finding a red suit coat and vest at a thrift store in a couple days proved to be impossible. So, I went with a classic Two-Face instead.

I scoured the thrift stores and found a few coats, shirts, ties, belts, and pants that I liked, and brought them home for some mixing and matching. I tried painting a loud pattern on one coat but didn’t like the result, it was too obviously paint on fabric. I ended up with some natural pattern pairings I liked though, with conservative on one side and louder on the other side. Then I just cut them all in half (actually slightly more than half, for seam allowance) and sewed them back together with their new match.

There were a few places where I had to do a little extra problem-solving. On the pants, I kept both parts of the zipper from the right side of the pants, and cut off the right side of the zipper from the left side of the pants. Then I sewed the front flap from the right side of the pants to the back of the front flap on the left side of the pants. This way I used the right side’s complete zipper (and button) to actually open and close the pants. (The picture will probably explain this better than I can in words: seen here: the back of the pants, and the front, zipped and unzipped.)

IMG_6652.JPG IMG_6655.JPG IMG_6660.JPG

On the jacket and shirt, the seam allowance is on the inside on most of the shirt, as would be expected, but at the top of the collar, I had to switch the seam allowance to the other side, since the collar folds over. (Shown here: jacket and shirt, both from the inside, and also the outside with the collar flipped up and down. The red comes from the face make-up.)

IMG_6669.JPG IMG_6665.JPG IMG_6667.JPG
IMG_6673.JPG IMG_6676.JPG IMG_6675.JPG

The ties were not the same width, so one had more of a wedge at the bottom than the other. However, ties are made by folding the fabric over around the back. So for both ties, I un-tacked the fabric on the back, and folded it out flat on both sides, making for much-wider ties. I cut them in half, then sewed the two tie-halves together. Then I folded the fabric around again on both sides. I “glued” it down with stitch witchery, making sure the sides were now equally wide (or at least pretty close, I was racing to get it done at this point). It turned out a bit wonky but not too bad.

IMG_6643.JPG IMG_6646.JPG

The belts were a lucky find—a normal black belt and a crazy green belt that were the same width, so they’d both fit in the same buckle. I cut them in half and just duct-taped their cut ends together in the back since you can’t see them under the coat.


I used a 1973 silver dollar for the coin. I painted “scratches” on the back with enamel. Optimally it would be a two-faced coin, but this is what I had on hand.


I approached the face by first applying a bunch of blotches with liquid latex, sometimes mixing in bits of toilet paper to make blobs. After that, I painted it with red face paint. Then I used purple and green to make the paint job a little more “flavorful,” sometimes toning it down again with red.

I used a “yellow plague” contact for my left eye, which I already had for my Savage Opress costume, which I’ll show in another thread soon.

I used a super-crappy wig that I already had. I covered half of it in a plastic bag, taped off, then messed up the one side with glue to make it all crazy-looking. Then I painted it with white acrylic paint, using my hands to get the paint all throughout (yes, this is obviously not a refined technique), and finally used some pink hair spray for highlights.

IMG_6488.JPG IMG_6497.JPG IMG_6501.JPG IMG_6503.JPG

The shoes are both the same, I just left one normal and spray-painted the other lavender. However, the lavender doesn’t really read as lavender from a distance, it just looks whitish, so I’ll probably repaint it with a bolder color later on.

In the first pictures you may note that my “evil” face is on the right side of my body, instead of the traditional left side. This is because that night, I was dressed as “Opposite Two-Face,” from an alternate reverse dimension—NOT because when I was applying my make-up, I was looking in the mirror and forgot that it reversed the image. That would be silly, nobody would do that. Anyway, the next time I wore it I decided to be “Actual Two-Face” with the “evil side” on the standard left side.

You can see the coin flipping in the air in some of the pics if you look closely.

IMG_6484.JPG IMG_6485.JPG IMG_6486.JPG
IMG_6535.JPG IMG_6539.JPG IMG_6542.JPG


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I re-did this with a new take on the hair. I wasn't super-happy with the wig earlier. Two-Face's hair is usually done two ways: one has the "evil" hair spiked and either all-white or colored in some way, which is what I did above. The other way, which you see in the Aaron Eckhart movie version and in the New 52, has his hair/scalp just as acid-scarred as his face, with just scraggly wisps of hair. That's what I did here, and I was much happier with the results.

I also painted the "evil" shoe a darker shade of purple so it was easier to see that it was purple.

The first few pics here are of the process. Shaved head, the first layer of make-up where I attached lumps of toilet paper with liquid latex, which I then painted over. The 2nd-to-last pic shows blotches of green and later purple, which I mixed in with the red to make the red have a deeper, more variegated feel to it. It looks much more complex and subtle with these complementary (green) and analogous (purple) colors mixed in (after I do the blotches, I take red and mix them in so they're not so obvious). The last pic shows the back.

01.JPG 02.JPG 03.JPG 04.JPG 05.JPG

Lots of pics of me scowling at the camera in various ways.

13.JPG 07.JPG 08.JPG 10.JPG 11.JPG 12.JPG 06.JPG

And a few full-length pics, the last two photos are by Diane Wiener when we did a couple local news appearances doing promo for her "Cripping the Comic Con" event, a disability-themed comic con.

14.JPG 16.JPG 15.JPG 18.jpg 17.jpg

Overall I was way happier with this take on his hair. People definitely taken aback that I had shaved half my head for the costume, although I was actually just ready to shave it anyway, so this was a good way to put my haircut to good use!
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