Two .45 Longslides (with laser sighting)


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I love the look of this badass .45 from Terminator, and the story of how Ed Reynolds rigged an AMT Hardballer with a helium neon laser makes for a good read. (here and here)

Steve D built a replica of this prop shortly after the movie came out, from a Replica Models ABS blowback 1911. This was way before MR or even SD Studios. Steve also made one for the late Jimi Black, founder of Factory X (this one), and one for Jimi's good friend Ed M.

When I received this piece, it had a fair bit of cosmetic damage, to the laser, mount, and especially the aluminum tape along the sides of the slide extensions. Steve graciously agreed to restore it to it's original glory, and did a great job of it. It was my preference that it be done 'as first built', and without any upgrades. The mechanism works fine although I haven't tried to fire any blowback rounds with it, in consideration of it's age.



Although I really wanted that particular prop to remain 'as first built', we decided that Steve would build a second Longslide for me, incorporating modern features not available for replicas 25 years ago. This one is an original blowback Airsoft Longslide, found by Steve in Hong Kong. Inaccurate slide flats were ground off and replaced with stainless steel. It has a correct real rear sight and correct real scope ring. The scope mount is more accurate, although not an original (very hard to find). The metal laser body has a bead-blasted finish and is more screen accurate, from Steve's shop. The stainless steel extended barrel is also from Steve's shop. The laser is activated by slightly depressing the trigger before firing - An effect they could only simulate in the movie.




I just love both props. THANKS STEVE! (y)thumbsup:thumbsup


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I have to say....Steve did a great job in restoring this piece.
it looks better than it ever did.

This prop had a significant meaning for me as it was the reason I first met Jimi Rooney Black who then introduced me to Steve.

I think Jimi would be proud to see it restored to its original glory and that it's also now keeping good company with its twin.

I'm glad its also found its way into a proper collection where it will be cherished for years to come.

Those look great!

I did one for a friend a bit over a year ago. Scope is made from PVC tube. I did install a laser.

I always thought this was a cool looking gun.

Original on top, mine on the bottom.
That is the one thing that always threw me off in T1 as to the Hardballer...

Why have an aperture bell end to a long azz laser sight? You can't look thru it, so why bother? Besides, your a freaking computerized machine, why would you even need one?
I love how you can make the laser a self contained unit while the original prop had wires and batteries and the laser itself was ginormous. You could probably fit 3-4 lasers and a flashlight in that tube if you wanted to.
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