Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth POWER WHEELS.


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So i started a sweet tooth power wheels and i am almost complete. here is my progress i took to make it become a reality.
before.jpg 10929967_1405741479724786_4419609567282299316_n.jpg 10941446_1406239043008363_464023702608675635_n.jpg

10947804_10152643562446444_241945835_n - Copy.jpg 10953908_1426090087689925_3275794533470339654_n.jpg 10979400_10152649546181444_387181024_n - Copy.jpg

13241_1426090104356590_102609475453148663_n.jpg 20830_1429327674032833_7200138331205258031_n.jpg 10915139_1426090227689911_5737932669568769674_n.jpg

11073453_10152712303836444_156547020_n.jpg 10603362_1426089464356654_1319835830060108252_n - Copy.jpg 10563146_1429327697366164_3093530916386640734_n.jpg 10251979_1426089547689979_2163534449105265974_n - Copy.jpg 11075180_1426089497689984_2783366527320461077_n.jpg 11156381_1438534756445458_9106435656710046048_n.jpg 11160665_1438534773112123_3082364569673066476_n.jpg
Here is a reference picture of what i was trying to do.
I have speakers installed that way i can blast the sounds of the game.

(2) 36v 800watt electric motors
(2) 36v 800 watt electric controllers
(2) Band Brakes w/ bike handle grips
(4) northern tool 12.5" wheels and tires
1"x1" square tubing
(1) junkyard power wheel escalade

I will be competing in the power racing series with sweet tooth this year.


I also have a race team facebook page you should go check out
twistedplasticlogo - Copy.jpg


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Gone but not forgotten.
wow, looks great. couple of questions please?

- 3batts... how fast does she go?
- how will you attach the clown head to the top of the ride?
- how long has it taken you to build this?


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its one of my favorite games of all time and also one of my favorite characters... not really a weird choice for me i guess haha..

I meant doing it to the power wheels, I like sweet tooth too though not the PS3 game so much ><


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She can get up to about 17mph with me in there. the clown head will have a huge spring attached to it.. and it took about 4 weeks to build.

haha i get what you mean Dao2. They are a blast to ride around though.. and once the races start it will be a lot of fun. Here is a video of the what it is like


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I hated the ice cream truck for some reason.....he was the first thing I always tried to take out. Cool build! So whats left of the original barbie caddy? Anything?
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