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The Golden Onion is a prop piece in the movie "Twilight" that first appears approximately 17 minutes into the film. It is an onion that has been painted gold and it is offered up as a prize in Mr. Molina’s science class.

The Golden Onion is one of those quirky little details that I thought was fun, so I decided to make it when two seemingly unconnected events took place: 1. I bought an onion several weeks ago to put on nachos and then forgot to use it on said nachos (I chopped up a green onion instead, so the nachos still turned out yummy), 2. “Twilight” became available to stream on Netflix and I watched it with my fiancé @IronJoe (guilty pleasure!).

And so, inspiration struck! IronJoe and I joked around about it – what if we made the Golden Onion prop? Hah… But then I thought, why not?!?!?! First off, I checked the RPF to see if had been done before – it hadn't been! After painstakingly re-watching the Golden Onion competition in “Twilight” a few too many times, it became apparent to me that the choice of a golden onion as the prize was not as arbitrary as one might think upon a first viewing of the movie. The cells that the biology class looks at are "onion root tip cells" (aha, it all makes sense!), says their biology instructor quickly as the students get settled in. He hoists the golden onion up for all to see to begin the competition and declares that it will go to the first group to correctly identify and label the stages of cell mitosis. Edward and Bella look through a microscope intently and identify the stages while making awkward small talk with each other. After the scene ends, we see Bella gripping the Golden Onion possessively as she walks through the school hallway with Edward. It is implied that Bella and Edward have, in fact, won the coveted Golden Onion award! We also assume that Edward has chivalrously allowed Bella to take home their trophy to keep.

If you want your very own "Twilight" Golden Onion, the steps for making this prop are as follows: 1. Wait until you come to possess an onion that you don’t intend on eating. 2. Spray paint that onion gold. I used Krylon Metallic Spray Paint in 18 Karat Gold. I chose this particular paint because it seemed the closest to a true gold color out of all the spray paints available. I would recommend using several light coats when painting your onion for the best overall coverage.

The process:
Onion.jpg GoldenOnionPaint.jpg
The finished product:
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