TUTORIAL: Using Pepakura To Build Foam Cosplay (Helmets, Armor, Props and More!)


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In this video, I will guide through a FULL build of an "Armored Hero Helmet" and I will teach the complete beginner how to use the Pepakura Designer Software, Foam Pepakura File Templates and EVA foam to build this helmet with me.

Once you learn all the techniques shown in this video, you'll be able to apply these methods to ANY Foam Pepakura File Template
You'll be able to confidently build Helmets, Masks, Armor and Props from your favorite characters.

The "Armored Hero Helmet" Pepakura Foam File Template is FREE!

Download Here!
Go ahead and build the helmet along with me.
I hope you give it a custom paint job and other detail to make it your own.

So sit back, watch closely and have fun.
-Stealth (Stefano)
Heroes Workshop
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