Tusken Warlord - Custom Star Wars Costume *Image Heavy*


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So I'm an artistic sort, not too keen on copying exactly what others have already done. So I love Star Wars and like the Tusken Raiders, but I wanted something a little "more". So I decided to build a custom Tusken Warlord, since I figure every group of Raiders needs a leader.

First, I built a custom helmet, based on a standard design, but wanted to also show the under structure of the helmet. I figure the Tuskens don't buy "Godzilla kits" so I looked around Tatooine to find a suitable helmet base and came up with the Eopie skull.


It will get the standard fabric wrapping and aluminum pieces, but now I think at least the base helmet is cool too.

Made a set of bandoliers.

My Gaffi stick is a little unique.

Started my rifle.

And built my girth belt.

Got a few other things, but I thought I'd get this thread started off with a "catch-up" then I'll do updates in the future.
Started playing with my boots, hoping to get this finished enough for Halloween.

I need to keep my boots light-weight, cool (I live in Arizona), and on the cheap. So I decided to start on a pair of old shoes I got that are comfy.




I figured I wanted that old crusty fabric look. Like boots left in the sun to bake after getting wet in the mud. To best achieve that (without the obvious use of muddy water) I thought I'd brush it down with watered down PVA glue. We'll see how it turns out when its dry.

I did a bunch more work today, since this is not only the last week before Halloween, but also my last week being unemployed! :)

I grabbed some old doeskin gloves I had and started building my arm wraps. I had previously made a handy arm form that I used, instead of shooting hot glue onto fabric wrapped around my arms.






I also started arm guards because of these reference pictures.


And to end out the night, here's what I got finished...




Arm guards need a little fine tuning, and the spikes before being called "finished". Also need to get the other boot done, and fine tuning on both.

Also needing to lay down rubber on my mask, Malakilli spearhead, and Pineapple club head so I can get those cast in time as well. Oh, and the Krayt Talon knives (and sheaths). Wow, that's a busy week planned...
Got a little progress today, at least so far...

Took some stuff to a friends house and poured some mold silicone over it. Lots of fun. :) (Also, added a little brown pigment to the second layer ended up making it looked chocolate covered.)




Still have the mask face to mold, as well as finishing these up. I hope I get done in time...
On with the molding...

Now bear with me, this is the first time for me making molds by myself.

Gaffi Pineapple head -

Malakilli Spearhead -

Back half of helmet -

Front of helmet -

Now just need the fiberglass shells on the helmet halves, and second halves poured on pineapple and spearhead. Tomorrow's another day.
So things have paused a little on this, as my fiberglassing skill, and lack of materials, have left me questioning my next move.

Anyone in or near Mesa, AZ that would be willing to assist?
Ruby, i dont wanna rain in your parade, but in general, its not really looked nice upon, if someone pushes his post counter by just writing stuff like "good job" etc.
Especially not if its in an old thread that has no new info.

Updates are slow, but the project is not dead.

Thanks for still being interested!

I got most of my reference pictures from the Star Wars Galaxies, the old card game, Star Wars Wookiepedia, and Google image search. I used Tusken chieftain, warlord, and king for search terms.

I have my reference pictures saved in my Facebook account if you need/want to see them.

Sadly, it looks like the CO of the Krayt Clan detachment (the 501st group that Tusken's fit into) is NOT willing to attempt to let this in as an official costume, even with the Star Wars official images and such, so I guess it's just a Fan Costume.
OK, so I am at a point where I need to make a decision on the rucksack.

Build one-off for myself, or build to be replicated so I can make copies for others.

So I really need anyone that is truly interested and wants to get one to weigh in.

Couple questions to consider:

A.) Would you prefer a little less detail and lighter backpack?

B.) Would you not mind a little extra weight for a higher level of detail?

C.) What would you consider a reasonable asking price for a rucksack copy?


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