Tusken Raider weapons and gear...


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Unfortuantely that Denix rifle is no longer available because Denix doesn't make it anymore.

Just curious if anyone has any idea what the Rancor Keeper gaffi end is. It looks like some solid cast piece or something. Very different from any of the other mace types.

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Allright, without a better pic of the Tusken rifle, at least I can't get any further.
Went to the library and looked through:

- "A glossary of the construction, decoration and use of arms and armor in all countries and in all times" (1934) by G.C. Stone.
- "Guns and Rifles of the world" (1965) by H.L. Blackmore.
- "Firearms of the Islamic world" (1995) by R. Elgood

Great books despite the somewhat pretentious titles, but no rifles looking like the one in Godzilla's 2nd pic.

Also contacted the senior curators of the Royal Armoury (Sweden) and Royal Armouries (U.K.). Unfortunately, after seeing the pic all they could do was confirm what's already been stated in this thread, i.e. probably N. African, possibly M. Eastern. However, both of them believed the wood base under the barrel to be broken in the pic since neither of them could remember seeing such a short one before.

Hopefully someone will be able to dig up another pic...

In any case, with all the brilliant Gaffi info, I think the thread should be archived.

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Oh, has anyone found the gloves that are in the Visual Dictionary pictures? They're mainly kinda tan colored but between the fingers the fabric is a lighter color.

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A few MoM pix if anyone wants 'em

Is it my imagination, or is that just a belt wrapped around the mouth/nose piece?