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So I am new here (long time lurker, first time poster). I am also starting on my first build. As a Star Wars enthusiast, I decided to build an ANH era Tusken Raider Costume.

Everything so far has been going smoothly but the one bump in the road I am at is the "helmet". I am going to a party next Friday in this costume, so I don't have time for a kit (primarily due to shipping time). I also do not know how to vacuuform (though I do fully intend on learning).

That being said, has anyone built a Tusken Raider Helmet from scratch (no kits/no vacuuform)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
Yeah, I have been using that site for the bulk of build reference/guidance so far. My only concern is mostly for the structural integrity of the helmet. I'm just nervous about it breaking and/or falling apart if i use mod podge.
It will not fall apart using what is basically wood glue. if you are that concerned you can resin the inside or melt hot glue sticks in a throw away sauce pan on low and paint the inside with a few coats.

We used a baseball helmet for the dome on my friends to stick the aluminum rods out of. Then paper mache and reinforced it with craft paper tape, the kind you get wet and form it around anything.http://teamsportsplus.com/_cache/Baseball/img/Baseball_Batting_Helmets_3.jpg......... http://www.staples.com/Duck-Kraft-R...s:Packaging_Tape_&_Dispensers:523886:00-07579

Anyway, hope this helps.
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