Tusken Raider helmet


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I built a couple of Tusken raider helmets for myself and a friend. Super fun builds!


VERY cool. I tried doing something similar recently but limited myself to using items that I had around the house.. It turned out ok.. not wonderful but ok.
Yours looks great!
These are really great! I would love to know a bit of your process!
Thank you. So the frame, eyes, spike, blood spitter and nose are 3d printed. For the second helmet I opted for resin printing and a different paint method, it’s a noticeable difference.

After assembling all of that I hand stretch leather into the mouth area. Then I cut leather to wrap the snout/mouth.

I use duck cloth cut into strips and dyed for the wrap. I weather it with various methods like sand paper and knife dragging. After wrapping the helmet I then go back in with an airbrush to add more weathering.

The inside of the mouth hole is closed off with speaker cloth to hide the wearer and also for circulation.

The inside of the eyes are tinted lenses so you can’t see the eyes.

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