Turning awful eBay costume into something decent.


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I'm a bit stuck as to what to go as for works Halloween this year, I've had an idea of using an awful eBay costume and trying to turn it into something decent.

I was looking at this Aragorn costume, I know it looks terrible but could I alter it into something decent?

Things like the boots I've change with some leather ones, maybe make some leather arm guards.

I've a synthetic training sword so I've got that it make it look a bit better.


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Is that costume based off of one of the costumes from the movies or did the seller just put a shoulderlength brown wig on the model and claim it is Aragon?

The tunic and belt look ok considering the price tag. Changing the boots is a good idea. The cape looks awful and I would recommend buying some green fabric to make your own. If this is a costume you plan to wear only on halloween and don't want to spend a lot of money you can't expect to look like a million bucks.