Trying to gather some guy fawkes pieces

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    So I rewatched V for Vendetta, got my share of goosebumps, and now I'm trying to look for some of the following, doesn't have to be precisely accurate, but I'm trying to keep it affordable yet decent enough to make for a good display :)
    So I'm looking for:
    A good mask, if it doesn't have the mesh in the eyes I'll do it myself of course
    Under mask, like something that could cover my neck, although I wasn't entirely sure how it was in the movie
    Decent looking hat
    The rest of the costume I'm not in a big rush to go after, but if anyone can share with me good information on the rest of the costume (boots, gloves, etc.) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a ton! :)
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    I am also slowly putting together a costume, and found this thread to be one of the best sources of information (especially Darth Mule).

    For a head covering, I would suggest something like an "ultra thin cotton balaclava" (try ebay).
    For the boots, I found Funtasma's "Captains Boots" (type 100) to be good value; although not real leather, they look good and are not too expensive. You can find them at various places on the 'net, sometimes listed at "Star Trek", "Jedi", or even "Pirate" boots.
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    I can't post pictures while I am at work, but I did this costume for Halloween back in 2006 and really liked how it turned out. I will post some pictures when I get home tonight. I made mine in college (read: very low budget) and was thinking of revisiting.

    Some of what I did:

    Mask: I used the plastic one you see at most costume shops now (and also widly used by ananomous protestors) and used leg stockings to cover the eyes, mouth, and nose. It has some diffrences from the movie, most noticably the length of the beard and the eyes, but at 5 bucks nowadays it cannot be beat.

    Coat: I used a civil war officer's jacket pattern and sewed one myself. It didn't need to be great as the gloves and cape hide most of it.

    Hat: I made mine from posterboard, foamboard, and fabric glued on. The brim of the hat was made with elastic band.

    Knives: Made them with plywood blades, PVC handles, and tennis racket grips.

    Neck cover: I bought a ninja mask on ebay. It basically covers the neck and goes over your nose.

    Boot: I used costume riding boots. If you have a bigger budget you can get real riding boots.

    I know alot of this will not be helpful until I post pictures but I still wanted to share.

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