Tryin to make tinted plastic cabochon eyes for mask

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    First off- hello all! Yes, I'm new. My bailiwick is usually mask making, particularly molded polyurethane ones. However, this time I've run into a bit of a snag.

    See, I'm working on a mask that uses a pair of rounded plastic pieces to simulate eyes. I'd like to have them tinted black or gray, like you'd see on a pair of shades. I have a mold for the shape, but I'm not sure what material to use. I'm not used to thermoforming. Bear in mind that these pieces need to be extremely cheap and fast to make, as I will probably be making quite a few of them. Whatever sort of plastic I end up using should also be pretty thin.

    I have tried a couple of things so far, primarily in terms of applying a tint to transparent pvc. This includes window tinting spray for hobby cars, 'stained glass' paint, and window film. The first two don't create an even enough coating and the last does not handle the curved surface very well.

    I could see thermoforming tinted plastic, but I'm having trouble finding a good source for it.

    I've also considered using a vinyl sheets over an acrylic base, such as this, but I'm not sure if it would fare any better than the window film.

    At any rate, any thoughts would be much appreciated. I've kind of been going around in circles on this.

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