true inconel OB1 emitter


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I have a new job in a company,we make lots of metallic tools,mainly from steel and carbide.
I have a Russ replica OB1 ep 4 lightsaber.
I know the original emitter was the Derwent engine balance pipe,made of inconel alloy,to resist high temperatures.
I asked for the price for a inconel 2 parts emitter,and for a one part emitter too.
Two parts would need twice more metal than one part,and twice the turning work,so I suppose it would be twice the total price than one part...
Depending on the price I would offer a run for who would be interested in.
I was thinking about 20 pieces.
What do you think about it?


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If you're going to go through all the trouble to make it in inconel, I don't see the point in making an inaccurate 1 piece design. But if you want to go all out balls on accurate, I'm in. :)



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That's what I feared,to be in the wrong forum,I didn't remember how it works,but you replied my question.

I am waiting for a idea of cost for the emitter,of course I would make it in two parts,but if it's really expensive,will be hard to find several guys to be in.

But at least,if I can make even 3 or 4 items,for 3 "customers", would be funny!


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If the price is decent and it's made to the exact specs as the original I am in. I don't think you will have any trouble selling 20 if you can keep the price low.



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Aren't there official contractors will turning these out for aerospace clients? I wouldn't think they're completely discontinued because vintage engines are still running and will continue to run for a long time, requiring maintenance along the way.

Due to the shape of the outer piece, an additional consideration in making a run of these is calculating the cost of wastage. These alloys cost about a minimum of 3 times that of medical grade stainless steel, and you'd be scrapping about a third of the bar stock's original diameter during fabrication while also wearing the cutters at increasing rates with each additional pass due to the extremely high rates of strain hardening that these superalloys possess.


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I could be somewhat off in my recollection of the pricing but when the Derwent part was first discovered and an accurate part obtained one of the guys who was going to do the parts run priced out using Inconel (because we're accuracy nerds). What I recall is that the costs were going to be upwards of the same price as an original Derwent part.


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Well, it's a bump of a 2 and a half year old thread, so I don't think there is traction on this, but Patrice can correct me if I'm wrong.
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