True Blood - is nobody watching?

I'm watching but this season has been pretty lame.

I feel the opposite. I don't know why but I have never thought of the show as "Horror" per say and expect the cheese and campy stuff. I have had a ton of laughs with this new season. I do think they have gone in so many directions instead of really focusing on 1 story but I am still enjoying it.

I'm just waiting for the new season of SOA.
I'm watching, but they're steadily losing me. Enough witches already. I change the channel when tara is on, she's always annoying. I couln't stand Eric the wussy, thank god he's "back".
Watching it and LOVING it! I think Alan Ball and his team have done a great job with the show. Read the novels and they are complete garbage. Surprised that such an awesome show came out of that drivel.
I'm trying, but it is aaaall over the map this season.

Edit: I've said this to others and will say it here. Ana Paquin has a nice body. I get it. Now it's just showing her naked for naked's sake. What purpose does it serve the tale?
I watched most of the first season, mainly because I'm a huge Lizzy Caplan fan. But there's so many other shows I've started that I just lost track. Same thing happened to Big Love.
I think it's pretty good this season. Most of the disparate plot threads are kind of coming together now around the central plot, but yeah, it's been all over this season, really focusing on the other characters.

I think that's largely because Sookie is SO ******* ANNOYING. I really don't like her as a character and I don't like how Anna Paquin plays her. I'm enjoying watching the ancillary characters more this season.
I watched the first three episodes when the show premiered, and found it quite boring so I stopped. In all fairness, I should probably mention I'm completely burned out on vampire stories regardless of the media they're presented in, so that might have had something to do with my opinion of the show.

Edit: I've said this to others and will say it here. Ana Paquin has a nice body. I get it. Now it's just showing her naked for naked's sake. What purpose does it serve the tale?
Hmmm...maybe it's time for a re-evaluation. :D
Im an avid fan, all caught up and watch it the moment the newest one is out. Huge fan of the previous seasons, but the fourth season seems to have developed into a Buffy the vampire slayer styled show with some boobs in it. SPOILER BELOW....

The amount of boobs in the fourth season has been reduced dramatically... it kills my soul a little.
I've been a fan, but like some have mentioned, this season seems a little...messy. I'm not a huge fan of story line with the witches, don't give a crap about Sam's love story, think his brother is a jack wad, have about had it with the Sheriff always jonesing for more vamp blood, and I don't really care about Lafayette being a medium. He was so much better when he was a drag queen with an attitude.

However, I understand the need for an antagonist, and I suppose they could do worse than witches. I'm also glad Alcide is getting more screen time, and while I was hoping for more of a Werewolf vs Vampire story, that's been done to death so I understand it being downplayed.

The show still ranks up there on my must watch list, but compared to shows like Breaking Bad, which is getting better, True Blood seems to be treading water this season.
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