TRU Green Lantern movie ring, lit by Honus


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So I got a Toys R' Us Green Lantern ring on Sunday that I was very pleased with. I think it's very accurate for the price especially!

That said, it could use a light. Luckily, our buddy Honus is here to save the day! Check out the ring with his awesome light mod. I have added a custom paint job to the band which I still need to touch up a bit, but I like so far.

No light:

Light on:

In brightest day ...


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Looks great! It was great speaking with you the other day- I'll have to come by some time to check out the bat cave.


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Looks great! I can't wait till I finally get my kits so that I can try to light my rings!

Thanks for all of the great work once again Honus!
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Honus has a for sale thread in the junkyard.. the light kits are $15 shipped, and he has a link there for the installation tutorial at indestructables.


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That looks pretty good. Do you have any better pics of the custom paint job?

I still need to finish mine. All I have done to it so far is drill the hole in the band.


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I don't have any better pics at the moment, but will try to take some.

Yep, it's the keychain ring, I'd just pay the $20 on eBay for it, it's worth it.
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