trouble with paper fett helmet

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alright i am following these templates.

mine if from printer paper, now mind you i put it together in 20 min so it isnt great. but i am having trouble with like the cheek part and getting it to attach nicley, and getting enough, curve? or....idk....get it pushed in enough.

here are some pics, now note, i started to make a jango but got bored of coloring. then just put in a quick christmas color job for the boba half. i still need to do the done and like the ear things....any suggestions on those two things?

tell me if you can access those pics


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Perhaps using cardboard instead of paper will help better, actually I think poster board might work even better because it probably wont create that werid bending effect from when you bend some card boards.....
-Looks like your off to a pretty good start.


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I have to agree: Poster board would be a much better choice than standard printer paper. It seems like you have a good start. you just need better material to work with.


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I agree with Sal and RedTwoX. Posterboard or cardboard will hold the shape you want much better than ordinary white printer paper.

Also, marking pens tend to bleed right through white paper, leaving it limp. You'll get a better effect with spray paints on posterboard. (Faster, too... less time to get bored. ;) )

I'd say print out the blueprints to scale and affix them to the back side of your posterboard as a template. Your prototype (current) helmet will be a good guide to building an even better second helmet.

Have you figured out how you're going to do the visor?


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I can't see the photos of progress.. but agree on posterboard.

Maybe for the dome, use cardboard.. in different thicknesses.

make Rings (a rounded peice with hole in the center)..Wider, then smaller, smaller, smaller...then full circle piece (no hole in center).. and keep making it smaller to the top.

You'll have to fill in the "steps" after each one, but would give you a foundation to work with. Probably a loooong process.. but would work.

my description probalby made no sense.

Picture a cardboard circle cutout ( whatever the outter circumference is of the helmet ).. now, cut a hole in the middle of that- slightly larger than the inner circumference/or just larger than your head). Do this over and over, but making the OUTTER circumference just alittle smaller as you layer then and go up to the top of the helmet. This would be the "basic" shape of the dome (from the outside).

It will be layered, so you'd need to fill in the area on the outside between each layer/step.. but would have a basic structure.. then bondo or whatever to fill in the rest.

make any sense?? sorry.. after the cardboard template is formed/glued together.. add a mixture of white glue/water and past it over the cardboard. This will help making it a bit more solid and allow the bondo not to just seep into the cardboard....