Tropic Thunder - "Simple Jack" VHS box


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Hey yall - first time posting. I'm trying to recreate the dirty VHS tape from Tropic Thunder. Google has some nice images to work with, but the back is a mystery. If it already exists, please let me know. If not, I'll be posting updates on it until it's finished.


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Here's what I did so far. As you can see, I have no photoshop skills, so I just use the free online version, Pixlr. The finished product will fit the foldable VHS box template.


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Heya TOSTR, I am the one selling the dvd cover on Ebay, what I did for the back was take the special edition forrest gump, and make the propper changes, credits, story, screencaps, etc.

Break a leg, cya.


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It's funny you should mention this. I'm working on something that will involve the DVD cover of Scorcher VI. Make sure the copy has the usual rhetoric like: "Action star Tugg Speedman in a daring and surprising role...".
Best of luck to you.