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    I've always wondered what the origin of the TKs in the "Troops" fanfilm were... Does anyone here know? They don't look like AFX and seemed pretty accurate; although it's been a couple of years since I've watched it.

    And OT a 'lil bit; why isn't there a better version of this available? This is the best fanfilm (and most original - so to speak) so I think it deserves a better quality version instead of the compressed garbage sourced from VHS. :unsure
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    it actually was available once on dvd... it was on total movie magazine issue #1's dvd that came with the magazine. the only difference was they had to change the "bad boys" theme for copyright reasons i believe.
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    Best SW themed Fanfilm for sure m8. And true they dont look like FX, here is a link to the video for those that dont know what we are talking about:

    PS. If youtube or linking is not allowed please pm me, and I will remove it.
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    They look like they are from a fan made sculpt. They are def not AFX/GT.

    BTW cool film - I hadn't seen that before. :D

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    pretty sure it's all fan-sculpted stuff. If you haven't seen part two, I.M.P.S yet, check it out. More use of the same armor design including a very elaborate Biker Scout design with an oversized and exaggerated helmet.
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    <div class='quotetop'>(TK1536 @ Jun 5 2006, 09:52 AM) [snapback]1256551[/snapback]</div>
    I worked on IMPS and I can tell you that it was mostly a hodge-podge of whatever we could get our hands on.
    I loaned the use of my TK, Tie pilot, and DS Gunner, and several other misc helmets and costumes.
    I know all of my stuff was modified/misc. mfg. items.
    I sold the TK armor a few years back on EBay and gave away all the rest of the costumes when I left CA.
    IIRC, there were some 501st guys that worked on it too.

    I was working on a movie when they did the Davenport location shoot and could not be there, but the TK armor was used. I did wear my Tie-Pilot outfit in an upcoming chapter that will feature the pilots inside the launch bay. I believe it will be chapter 3, If I am correct chapter 2 is mostly Snow-Troopers.

    I just hope I live long enough to see the completed work. :p
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    From what I remember reading, the suits and actors are the "Black Sheep Squadron" in California. There are also female members who wore heels with the armor.

    A couple of the suits on the "city walk" with the 501st.
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    OMG just seen second part, IMPS just first chapter out, hope they get more done, loved it, even better than the 1st one, true Suits are even less accurate here, specially the bike scouts, but its great.
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