Trooper painting


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Question, painting the armor on a trooper that is plastic and has a coat of model master white primer air brushed on, do you use a flat white or more of a gloss to bring out the shine in the armor?
I am going to weather this trooper but not much..
Every thing I have done up to this point has been like at-at's and speeder's and done in flat paint.


No, actually a smll scale scout, or trooper that I hope to ari brush this weekend. Sorry about any confusion.. as this was moved from gneral mod topic.
Sorry about the grammer in my last post, was at work and was little busy.. I am painting a scout this weekend and the white armor I was going to air brush with a white gloss paint to give that plastic shine to it.. Good idea?:thumbsup Stick with reg white?:thumbsdown Or go with a flat white? :confused
As I stated before I have a few coats of primer on and after a few more little mods I hope to spray this scout this weekend..
Any opinion's..... This is simply the MPC speeder bike, "83" kit..


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