Tron themed Daft Punk helmet [Build Log]


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Hello everyone, I'm here today with what I think is my 4th guy-man attempt. Here is a picture of it and a halo helmet I'm working on, I'll explain everything below.

I've tried 3 previous times already to make the Guy-Man helmet. The first two took a high-speed aerial tour of my shop (if you know what I mean), and the last one I just pretty much dumped bondo on it like a fool and completely ruined it.

This will be my last attempt at it.

The plan for this build is to make a full tron-themed costume for Dragon*con this year, it will include the helmet, identity disk, and some sort of light up costume. I plan on actually finishing the helmet in a silver color more similar to the Tron movie, and all the lights that would be inside the lens normally multicolored will all be white.

Atleast that's the plan ;)

I have resined the inside again (doing small layers to keep warping down) and I'm now waiting on it to dry. I don't think I mixed enough hardener in my resin because it has taken way too long to dry, so progress will be slow this week.

I'll be going back out to my shop this afternoon to work on the halo helmet, so I'll get better updated pictures then.



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More progress. it looks like i mess but I promise there is a method to my madness.

these layers are really building up, once I finish the rest of the frame It'll cure in the shop for a week and then I'll begin the sanding. I know there are drips all over it, but I'd rather wait and sand them off (most just snap off) than risk pulling them and damaging any non-resin soaked paper.


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Added a few more layers today. finally moving towards the back of the helmet with the resin. I really like the way the drywall tape works, It really lets the resin build up. The lens is pretty much solid resin, a few milimeters thick.

The chief got some love today too.



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Nice, think I'll watch this one.

Heres my thread, though I cheated and went straight to the lighting and painting.

Curious, are you going to go for the lighting used in Tron Legacy, as mine did? A very Thomas-like LED array, only white? Or you going to take the Discovery Era lighting and make it all white? That would be cool to see.

If you want to go crazy and make an animated LED array, my advice would be to make the helmet a lot bigger int he visor area, so you can fit your head in there without brushing up against the LEDs. I'm currently having that problem :facepalm


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Yours looks very good! Is that a Volpin casting?

My lighting will be discovery era except with white LEDs. The strips on the side should have plenty of room, but The entire helmet will fit pretty close to my face. Not much wiggle room if all my maths/guesstimating is right.

If everything goes absolutely flawless, my budget may allow for me to someday get a full white array for the front of the mask. I'd be the first person I've ever seen copy the discovery front array in any shape or form. :love

Once I relearn how to program my arduino I should have a few lighting prototypes videos on youtube.


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News for today:
-The android photobucket app is garbage
-forgetting to take off your respirator before you burp f*cking sucks
-I could go for some lasagna right now

errr... yeah. As of now the whole inside is covered with atleast a layer of resin and drywall tape sandwiched in. still not happy with the flexibility so It'll be a little while longer before I start with bondo

Got mad at the chief so he's in time out