Tron: Legacy - Young Flynn (1989) Costume Build

This is a build I've been working on for some time now. Started around... February 2011. Couldn't have done it without several key people, including SoulInertia (awesome Disc Mod, man I OWE YOU).

Anyway, the look I was going for was the young(ish) Kevin Flynn from the flashbacks of Tron: Legacy. As a consequence of them being exact doppelgangers, this costume also embodies the version of CLU from the same time period, somewhere around the year 1989, when Flynn was about the age of 35.

This is a post-project post, as I completed it earlier in the year at a very quick pace. As such, there are no real wiring or work-in-progress EL lighting pics. I will say that all my lighting is powered by 9v Battery inverters, and my EL tape was purchased from the kind people over at

First: The JACKET.


FILM VERSION: Okay, so here we first see the costume. Young Flynn (and CLU) are wearing, from what we can tell, an illuminated leather jacket, black shirt, and leather pants.


FILM VERSION: More jacket detail. We can see Flynn has one EL strip going up one side of the jacket (to the right of the zipper, on a narrow leather band on the jacket's interior) and one on the other side of the jacket, facing inward.


FILM VERSION: A look at the back of Flynn's costume. In particular, I wanted to see the detail on the Disc mount/hub/doodad. In this pic, you can also see that the leather closures/snaps in the bottom right and left of the jacket match the location on the scooter jacket I ended up using.

Since my costume was not going to cost me upwards of $1,000 (I'm a student on a budget) I went in some slightly different directions than the on-screen costume. However, I like my end result.

Instead of buying the Alpinestars NYC jacket the film version is quite clearly based on, I went with a cheaper alternative provided by AAOK.


MY VERSION: So this jacket matches the FORMAT of the Alpinestars NYC pretty nicely. It has the same type of neck-close, and the same leather strip lining the inside of the zipper, right where the EL strip went on Flynn's film jacket, as well as the same leather snap closures on the back/sides.

Camera FLASH off, EL on:



Here we can see the INNER strip on the left inner side, just like Flynn's.


MY VERSION: The back. HUGELY happy with how well SoulInertia's Disc Mod jazzed up this build! A tupperware lid and some dremel-ing gave me a pretty usable hub. Velcro'd it to the center back, and voila!

Camera FLASH off, EL on:


Just the Inner C-Ring lit.


Both rings lit.

Next up: The PANTS.

In the film, Flynn and CLU wear leather pants. I did not have the money and STILL do not have the money to buy leather motorcycle pants, nor would I want to, as I do not currently own a motorcycle, and live in Savannah, Georgia. Georgia is HUMID. So, I went with something a little more breathable.


MY VERSION: Levi's Black Skinny Jeans. They feel amazing, and are fun to wear. I was not buying leather pants, so these were (and are) still my best bet. I love 'em.


From watching the flashback scenes in the film, particularly where CLU betrays Flynn, I saw that the shoes had EL accents (stripes) on both sides of the shoes. To get a better look at the shoes, I used two sources:


Flynn's shoes as seen in the present day (2010) in the film, aaaand...


CLU's (essentially Flynn's) shoes as seen in the game, TRON: Evolution. Not strictly as 'canon' as the film, but i needed some ideas.


MY VERSION: A pair of nearly-new Skechers that I wasn't getting much use out of, still lying in their box. I threaded cut lengths of EL tape through the back and side of the shoes aaaand...


Presto! Glow Shoes! :love





Overall, I'm really happy with how the build turned out. It'll be my Halloween costume (and hopefully costume contest prize winner) this October, as well as a possible excuse to go to various other events. Let me know what you guys and gals think. Thanks for looking.
Fantastic build! I may just get that jacket for my planned build.

Is that 1" wide EL tape that you're using? I bought some in 1" and 1/2" widths, but I think the 1/2" would be too narrow to be SA.
Actually, it is the half inch. Most of the apparent width in the film is the diffuse glow coming off the tape. If you see the close-ups of Flynn's face, the strip IS actually that narrow.

Check out the difference between the way it looks HERE:


....and the way it looks HERE:


See what I mean? There's just no way that EL tape is as wide as a full inch. That's approximate to the diameter of a quarter. It's closer to the size of a dime across. The further away you get, the wider the strip looks.
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Dunno, really. SoulInertia's disc mod really just looks that good with no camera flash. I mean, most of the disc pics, including ALL the final pics were taken with daylight streaming in through the far windows of our apartment, so I know what you mean. Were your results not as bright? :confused
See what I mean? There's just no way that EL tape is as wide as a full inch. That's approximate to the diameter of a quarter. It's closer to the size of a dime across. The further away you get, the wider the strip looks.
Yup! Thanks for explaining. :) I'm also going to dig up the photo of the director wearing the non-CGI version of the jacket to see if it looks the same there too.

And I think you're right there too.

I've been thinking about doing something similar to this with one of the leather coats I wear in the winter. Not identical, but similar enough. I've always thought of the jacket as a "Superuser" item, which would explain why both Flynn and CLU wore them, but not Sam. So another superuser could have a jacket that was different but still in the same style, perhaps with a bit more EL or something.
Anyone have any thoughts on how sneakyderezzer attached the el tape to the leather jacket? Trying to figure out a way to do it , and make it look professional. I don't want it to bend out when the jacket moves. completely flush i guess is the best way to explain it.
I am not sure how he did it. I have sent a request to him asking how he did it along with how its being powered from two deperate sides, as well as the shoes. Have not heard back yet. I am new to this site, so I am not sure if I will get a reply or not. I make movie props for motion pictures, so I am waiting to hear back from a friend who worked on tron, I will find out one way or the other. When I do, I will post it here bro. Information is supposed to be free. Flynn Lives!
I have also contacted the guy who makes the hub that holds the disk to the back of the jacket, have not heard from him either. I must be doing something wrong? Because no one replies to any questions?
Sorry for the delay in replying! I'm actually in the middle of working on a new hub right now. The first one was a modded tupperware lid. This new one is made out of an altered solo plastic bowl:


Inset with the rubber endcap from an art storage container tube:


It looks so much better, I will be posting pics soon. As for attaching the EL tape, I used Industrial Strength Velcro tape strips. The two strips are each powered by a 9v battery converter. One behind the lining of each front pocket of the leather jacket, with an extra length of wire running from the EL strip to the converter. The wired end of the strips are actually at the top of the jacket, so I had to extend the length of the wires to make it reach.
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Okay, so here is the new disc hub. I used the end cap of an art storage tube, and inset in the bottom of a cut down solo bowl. I then used the extra magnets I had lying around after the disc was originally attached for the hub. Four magnets were glued (E-6000) to the underside of the Storage tube lid, inside the bowl. Pretty pleased with the result.

With disc on:


With disc off:


And I know there was a question about how I attached the EL tape, so here we go.

Velcro tape on the back of the EL, and the other side of the velcro next to the zipper on the jacket:


Hope this helps. I used a unique solution to the hub problem, I don't expect it to work for everybody, but I hope it gives people some ideas.
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Thought I'd add some more revealing pics of the hub. I cut a perfect circle in the bottom of the bowl, making the hole slightly smaller than the size of the art tube lid. That way, I made sure it fit snugly. Then, glue, a paint job, trimming the height so the magnets could reach the ones inside the jacket, and: Done!





I hope this answers more questions than it raises, haha.
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