Tron Legacy: Rinzler Costume


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So I have been working on a really high quality Rinzler costume and I wanted to know what could I use for the body parts? I know they castes using foam latex, but I wanted a little cheaper route, maybe possibly silicone? I'm going to use a morph suit for the under suit and the helmet I made from scratch and looks identical to the film!!! The discs are finished and costed $235 because they are rare to get your hands on. PLEASE HELP thanks all! Here's some reference photos and some of my work.
IMG_1386.JPG IMG_1371.JPG image.jpg image.jpg


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So i made a tron costume last year and used a wetsuit for the main shell of the costume the look and feel are great if a little warm. The last picture i have wanted to share for a while. If you live in the UK then the M7S pilau Rice pot is the perfect size to fit a modded Tron light disc. I added some magnets to the disc and pot to hold it nicely whilst being able to remove it.

12243105_10153839447442780_1707313809645236983_n.jpg 12249965_10153839447737780_998603080250624586_n.jpg 12274527_10153839446822780_6758746794413481606_n.jpg 11693896_10153839446877780_376130012034036449_n.jpg


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Where do you find a good priced wet suit? Because there like $100-$200, Nice I actually live in the United States, and what would you use for the latex parts of the suit? Can I see yours fully on in action ? And I need something that will fit 2 discs since I'm cosplaying Rinzler. This is the helmet right now before vacuum forming. IMG_1389.JPG IMG_1390.JPG


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1385961_1551975325036583_6357423683941573881_n.png 1978640_1618125291754919_1505308655682200465_n.jpg

Hi dude. I lurk and rarely comment.
But uh. We made Rinzler a few years back- or I did at least.

I purchased a helmet kit that had to be sized down dramatically.
For the suit, I bought whats called a "Dive skin" Which apprently is a suit you wear UNDER the a diving suit. For the shoes, I bought rubber diving shoes. The panels over the body were large rolls of wet-suit material (WhichI forget the name of) that I cut to shape and glued onto the dive skin using Barge Cement. The lights we used were lay-flat LEDs that ran up the arms, around the body and into the disc mount on the back. It was .. a veery tough build.

EDIT: I should note that at the time I was using a "Dive Skin" I felt the material was a lot more sturdy than a typical "Morph Suit"

Hope this helps!

Shoot. Just send me a PM on here and ill be more than willing to answer any questions you have in regards to this costume.
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