Tron Legacy Program costume build


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This was the first documented costume build I have done so there are a few pictures missing. Mostly becouse of the way I work. I get bursts of inperation and only halfway through I remember to start taking photoes. I will explain and fill gaps where I can.

I'll start with the boots as this is what led me to go all the way with the Program costumes.

This project was heavily budgeted and I had to make each part on a modular basis. this actually worked in my favor as each item can now be worn seperately to the rest of the cotume on a kind of "Mix 'n' Mach" basis.
Sorry, some of these pictures are out of sequence.

The tiny blue thing in my hand and next to the battery is a 1.3v inverter I got from (link: 1.5-3.0 Volt DC Inverters).

I cut the back of the heel off with a long fish/leather knife as these knives can be sharpend to a razor's edge. I then dremmeled a cavity inside to accomodete all of the components and wire, and a small hole at the top for the EL wire.

The switch I counter sunk on inside upper part of the sole to reduce the risk of knocking it by accident.

I then sorted out the EL wire that was attached to the glued boot. I was intending for the wire to run the full length of the boot, but as this would cause undue stress on the wire and possibly stop it from working I opted to splice in some standered wire to take the brunt. I ended up making a circle out of the two halfs of wire around the part of the boot that flexed and found that this worked ok as it didn't stress the wire too much (I will post a close-up soon but you can get the jist if you zoom in on the finished boot pic).
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