TRON: Legacy LUNACY! Becoming the SuperUser!


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Hi everyone, I'm David, and I'm a huge geek.

[Everyone says "Hi David]

So I'm a long time lurker/study here at the RPF, and I've learned a lot from all of you! I figured it was time to give something back, in particular because most of the tutorials/threads I see on here are limited to kitbashing and handiwork constructing props, but little about sewing or make-up which are also vital to creating the perfect costume replica. This is my first tutorial, so I hope you enjoy it!

I'm a bit TRON obsessed of late, and whilst I might be two years too late to the TRON: LEGACY mania, hey, at least I'll stand out from the rest of the crowd. After all, that's what creating the perfect replica is all about, right? This Halloween I decided to do my own take on the TRON universe, doing a hodgepodge of designs from both films resulting in a new type of character. I call him the SuperUser. Think of him as the child of a human and program...a halfbreed with the best and worst of both worlds.

To come up with my design, I started by watching the movies and the TV series (TRON: Uprising...check it out if you haven't) to get some general inspiration and a mindset of what the character should feel like. I began with Kevin Flynn and his basic illuminated costume seen here...


There's something monastic about the design...Eastern, thoughtful, sanctimonious. He's special, more than just a program or regular user caught in the Grid. I based my first designs off his costume: the robes, illuminated coat, and of course, the identity disc. I decided to start with the robe design, which took me to the Los Angeles fabric district where I found this awesome fabric for only $4 a yard.

Its not quite identical to Flynn's silkier fabric, but I thought it matched the Grid design well. It's jet black (the camera flash makes it look washed out) and you can see the rippled texture to it. It's a stretch fabric, nylon I believe. As you can see here too, I like to keep plenty of reference photos around for inspiration. The college professor who taught me everything about sewing used to do that for whatever she was designing, and I find it helps keep me excited and focused on what I'm working on.

A few hours at my sewing machine, an I had come up with this:


I used a general karate uniform as the base design, and added a few pleats along with an under-dickie to fill it out a bit more. This will also come in handy when I go to attached the modified disc, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. I make a pair of drawstring pants to match with hidden pockets, the usefulness of which cannot be understated. I mean, am I the only one that hates costumes where I can't carry my wallet and keys?

I had originally planned to use ties to close the shirt...


But those didn't work so well. The shirt didn't keep form to my body and shifted far too often, so instead I'm using plain old eye hooks, hand stitched. Hey, whatever works, right?

The outer jacket I designed from a basic bathrobe: baggy sleeves, hood, and loose fitting. It's lined with Cartier blue silk and outlined with 3M reflective tape. The tape itself doesn't illuminate, which makes for an easier, cheaper method of construction. When the EL wiring is added, however, or when hit with direct light (like in the picture), it looks pretty cool. The fasteners are unusual clip-hooks which snap-buckle together. I also added pleats to the sides of the jacket and pockets to the outside should I need to carry anything with me.

With the robe essentially finished and ready to wear, my next step will be the disc mod. For this, I'm using the Deluxe TRON LEGACY Identity Disc toys, some EL wire and lithium batteries. 1263050_10151703586153233_2132813878_o.jpg

I'll also be enlisting some help from one of the original designers on TRON: Legacy. I don't have all the elements yet (stupid slow postal service), so I'll make updates as I go. I'll also provide a special make-up tutorial as well...programs should have a special look to them. So, stay tuned programs! Feel free to post questions and comments and I'll address them as I go. In the meantime, I'm off to go play TRON 2.0 on my PC with my special edition TRON controller. It was designed for the PS3, but I was able to hack the drivers to get it to run on my system. It only adds to the fun!

That's it for now though. Keep watching, and check out my personal website when you get a chance!


Sex Drugs & Superheroes: The Website! | A Savage Journey into a Wretched hive of Scum & Supervillainy


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