tron legacy keyblade electroluminescent help


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so i have a commission for the dual disc keyblade from kingdom hearts: dream drop distance and i need some help with the electroluminescent material. i wish i could use Lumilor,, but it isnt available to the public yet.

here's a picture of a model:

anyone have ideas for using the least amount of battery packs possible since i'll need to build them into the keyblade? any ideas at all to reduce the space of the battery packs?

i did have an idea to just put the metal ends of the pack directly into the keyblade to reduce space, but i honestly haven't worked too much with electrical things. please dont just tell me to experiment because i already know to do that and will do it before putting it into the prop.


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If anyone has ideas for curving the tape that would be great as well. Is it possible to cut wedges out of the tape and align the new edges together to curve it? Or will that cut off light to everything past the cut or decrease the brightness?


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hello everyone!

i just had quick question about bending el tapes... i kind of wanted to make the clu jacket which the director wears or what clu and kevin flynn wear in the movie..
anyways i wanted to make my dolce jacket like that however i just have 1 el tape of 1 meter which covers the jacket lenght and goes around the neck around the collars...

i just wanted to know if i bend it near the colors like in the picture attached...will the bent part stop functions? if so...whats a safe limit to bend it at?
and also if it goes bad (the bent part does not work) what do i do??

i could have just ordered another piece of el tape but i am from india and it takes 2 months for the el tape to arrive from ebay so i have to work with what i have! third world problems...

sorry for the excess questions

please advice..
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