Tron: Legacy Jarvis Visor/Helmet


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Hi All,

This is my first thread here!

Thanks to joshuatw, I now have some great reference material to work with but this will be my first project of this complexity so I'm hoping to get some tips from the experts here.


I want to re-create Jarvis' visor/helmet. I'm thinking it shouldn't be too difficult to sculpt it in clay and make some kind of silicone mold. Do you think I could cast it in some kind of clear resin? I'd love to get some input before I begin in earnest.




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Congrats on starting your first thread. I wish you the best of luck on this project. I will be following your progress. i can hardly wait to see how amazing this comes out. I love projects like this, this is what TheRPF is all about!


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There are tons of threads on vac forming. From novice to industrial. Take a look at the thread member volpin made for his daft punk helmet. That would be a good person to ask! He said his visor was tricky to get great pulls of...

That helmet in particular shares some of the same angles and sorry to say, difficulties to form in clear.

Good luck. GREAT prop! :)
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