Tron Legacy Identity Disc with Retracting Blade


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Hey all,

Been a member of these forums for a long time but finally getting to a project I think is worth posting.

After a long day doing not much at work and a lot of sugary pop, I think I found a way to create a retracting cutting surface for an identity disc.

The idea is the cutting surface is comprised of 30 teeth (giving me 12 degrees per tooth) with a slight overlap so it will appear gapless when extended. An interior ring is slotted with spiral channels that push and pull the teeth, driven by some sort of small motor (thinking stepper right now). The teeth are illuminated with Neopixels fitted with light channels to redirect the light 90 degrees. I'm using Neopixels because I have 300 of them on hand anyway.

Here's a basic sketch of the mechanism I'm envisioning.

Later tonight I'm going to start messing around with Fusion 360 and see what I can come up with.

~ Zack "Snow"
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