Tron: Legacy Costume in progress needing a second set of eyes.


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Hey all. I'm needing someone to tell me if I have the design for Kevin Flynn's symbol on his ID Disk Port correct or not.

I think it's close but I'm sure someone out there can tell me if something needs tweaking.

This is for a Flynn costume I'll be wearing at Comic Con. It's the white meditation shirt and pants he's in the first time you see him. The robe he wears has the same symbol.

I'm gonna make a trace of the pattern on his back too, just haven't gotten there yet.

If anyone would like to use this for their costumes, etc. feel free. I also have the illustrator file if wanted.
Well, I actually think it's PERFECT.

I overlaid your image onto this one I found of his costume, and it pretty much perfectly matches.


My image editing skills however are not great, so it's not perfectly aligned... But you can still see it's nearly identical.
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