tron legacy costume attempt help


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okay so ive been on the tron legacy parent thread for a while now and ive just worked enough posts up to start a thread first off id like to thank everyone on the parent thread that has guided me on different aspect of making a tron legacy outfit i have designs that i will post and i have a current plan; im going to be making a felt vest as neoprene is too expensive for the chest and back armor (for my budget anyways) then using a black base layer thermal set for arms and legs and then building up foam armor pieces to go over the vest and base layer. in terms of lighting i will most likely only be using reflective tape but here is my ideas that have changed alot recently and i dont doubt they will vary again atm i only have designs forthe top halve but my bottom half will probably be similar to that of sam flynns suit

thanks for taking the time to visit my thread :)
has anyone seen this program before hes from TRON:betrayal his name is shaddox and i was wondering how difficult it would be to reproduce this costume out of 10 any help would be greatly appreciated as im getting nowhere without a starting point to get me on my way :/ thanks for taking the time to visit my thread :)
okay i have some finalized ideas and be going out anytime now to purchase my needed materials for a shaddox/iso inspired costume and i may also buy some fabrics to attempt an x men first class costume which i will post over on that thread :D
here it is in all of its non reflective glory :/ however this means i will add EL wire at some point :D



also i will be purchasing a disc and greening it up a bit :p
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