Tron (1982) Kevin Flynn cosplay


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Hi all,

I cosplayed Kevin Flynn from Tron (1982) at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. This year, I'm rerezzing it for 2017 SDCC. Here's a link to my blogs on my work to date, which I update regularly:

My goal is for authenticity. I am trying to find the original materials as used by the costume designers. If anyone knows how to put me in touch with any of the actual people associated with designing and making the costumes for Tron (1982), please let me know - I could sure use their help. Thanks. :)



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Hi folks,

I am feeling proud to post that I have completed sourcing the materials for the arm and shoulder gear used by Tron (1982) video warriors Kevin Flynn and company (Tron, Ram, Crom). Many thanks to the work of MrSinistar and others on this old RPF thread from 2010, Tron Costume **Working on Shoulder Pad**, which served as the foundation for my further work.

I'll repost some of my findings herein, but here is the link to my full blog post:

Tron (1982) Cosplay for SDCC 2017: Video Warrior Arm and Shoulder Gear

Essentially, it comes down to using parts from two slightly different-designed Jofa motocross chest protectors:

Disney museum costumes showing arm and shoulder gear.

This is the first of two 70s-era Jofa motocross chest protectors I got from eBay. This unit has the movie-correct arm pads, but the shoulder cups are too elongated and vertically narrow.

This is the second of two chest protectors, also from eBay. This unit's arm pads are too small, but the shoulder cups are movie-correct.

This shows the two units side-by-side.

Taking the shoulder cup from the second unit, and combining it with the arm pad from the first unit, you get what I believe to be the actual prop used in the Disney Tron costumes.

An inset comparison of my materials compared to the Disney prop costume.

Completing the materials search for the arm and shoulder gear was a whole lot of fun, requiring a lot of patience, relentless Internet searches, and monitoring of eBay until the right two Jofa chest protectors revealed themselves to exist on the planet Earth. I greatly look forward to finishing and detailing these extra-special pieces.


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Update 3/25/17: On track for San Diego Comic-Con 2017! I've completed the Kevin Flynn helmet neck visor. I am very pleased with the result. The rigid vinyl backing combined with original prop craft foam gives a result that is both authentic to the prop and more durable in the long run. Check out the link for a full write-up and photos of the process:

IMG_3789.jpg IMG_3788.jpg

nick daring

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I've done the same process on the Tron suit but never got around to actually building the final costume. Fun doing the research though!
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